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The cost of identity theft to businesses every year is approximately $50 billion and countless hours of lost productivity when employees have to sort out an identity theft issue on their own. It is estimated that it will take an individual between 300 and 600 hours of your time to resolve the problem caused by identity theft. With 10 million people victimized last year there is a very real chance one of your employees will be next.

IDAvenger™ proudly offers its services to any business for their employees and customers. Think how much this extra benefit can add to the morale of your employees knowing you care enough to protect their identity. You can also add extra sales to your business by offering the IDAvenger service. The service can be paid for solely by your company or offered to the employees and customers at a discount.

We can also provide group discounts to companies, cities and municipalities, colleges and universities and any business that wants to provide our service. We want anybody who cares about his or her identity to have access to IDAvenger™.

We also offer an affiliate-sharing program for those marketing websites, salespeople, bloggers, and anybody who would like to make money helping other people protect their good names. Please see our Affiliate section on this site or contact us at 855-4AVENGER (428-3643) and ask for a business development representative to give you more details on our Group Discount program.


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