ID Command Overview

1. Account Status information

identifies the type of account, your account ID number and your protection status. In addition, quick view your identity monitoring status results. Green means no new alerts. Red means new alerts found.

2. Message and task center

provides you with notice there are messages to review or tasks that warrant your attention or action. Messages or tasks display here when issued. Subscribers are also emailed new alert notices.

3. Identity monitoring controls

provides subscribers with choices on how to monitor their ID. In addition, more detailed explanation of monitoring, your information being monitored and monitoring history.

4. Identity theft report

submission allows subscribers to file a report if they suspect any activity within their identity that they do not recognize. Reports are reviewed by a specialist. If a true event, a recovery specialist will be assigned to your case. If you suspect you are a victim of identity theft, call the toll-free number immediately.

5. Lost wallet service

setup and update process is there when you need it. If you lose your wallet or purse, call the toll-free number and have a recovery specialist working on your behalf. In addition, set up credit fraud alerts or freeze your credit to eliminate any misuse.

6. Personal loss insurance

coverage details and explanation, subscriber policy number and information, insurance company toll-free number to submit claims and process to monitor claim status.

7. Red alert notice

recognizes there is a new source of information found during the identity monitoring and surveillance. Simply click to view the alert and to provide response.

8. Red messages or tasks

brought to the subscribers attention. Click to review and determine if known information or not. If not, a single click will start the ball rolling to investigate this information further by a recovery specialist.


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